Sunday School Information & Registration

NEW!  You can register online for the ’22 – ’23 Sunday School year.  Keep scrolling to view and complete the online registration form.  

Please remember that your child(ren) can start Sunday School at any time!  Guests are also welcomed to attend.  Any questions or concerns, please contact the church office or Laura Ruotsala at

Register– Please register your child for Sunday School; forms are available in our church office and on our website (PDF link below). OR complete the electronic form found toward the bottom of this page.  Having information for each child will ensure proper planning moving forward.  Forms can be returned to the church office or emailed to

Sunday School Registration Form 2022


As the parent or guardian, I give my permission for my child to be photographed and/ or recorded on video with the understanding that the media may be used for display within the church, video presentation, plublicity, etc. by Peace Lutheran Church and its representatives. I grant permission for my child to participate in the Peace Lutheran Sunday School program and activities. I release Peace Lutheran and its Pastors, staff and volunteers, from all liability. In the even of injury or illness, I authorize the person in charge to allow whatever medical treatment he/ she deems necessary. By initialing above, I agree with this statement.