Katie’s Circle is a women’s Bible study group which occasionally incorporates fellowship through small luncheons and weaves service to the community via collaboration with Women’s ELCA outreaches.

Katie’s Circle  will gather on Tuesday, October 13, 2020 in the chapel.   Please wear a mask and practice social distancing.  If you would like, bring a water bottle with you.  There will be no refreshments provided.  The scheduled hostesses are Nancy Hallada and Sue Snellenberger.

The Bible study can be found in the October Gather magazine on pages 22 – 27.  The session is titled “HOLY TIME—The holy “now”—recognizing and responding to God’s kairos time”.  This study looks at how the Scriptures speak to us about the holy now:  how we recognize and respond to God’s grace and calling in the present moment.

Everyone is welcome, so please plan to join us.  Time with other Christian women is always refreshing. Katie’s Circle welcomes everyone to join in fellowship and discussion with other Christian women.  Monthly Bible studies are found in Gather Magazine.  Learn more about Gather at www.gathermagzine.org.

Everyone is welcome to join us.  There are copies of the Gather magazine on the tables in the gathering area.   If you would like to order a subscription, the contact information is as follows:  844-409-0576 (toll free); Gather, PO Box 336, Congers, NY  10920-9902; or www.gathermagazine.org.  The cost is – 1 year/10 issues $19.95.