Worship Schedule (Sign-up no longer required)

Worship is held in-person at all three services (8, 9:20 & 10:30) with the 9:20 service shown on-line on Youtube and Facebook Live.  We have Thursday night worship at 7:00 pm in the worship space. 

Health & Safety Guidelines (updated June 2021)

We are grateful for you and your continued diligence in following our Health Safety Guidelines which have allowed us to remain open for in-person worship. Peace has held to our shared belief to “love our neighbor” amid this pandemic and we want to inform you of a few changes to our Health Safety Guidelines.

The President’s Advisory Group met with our Health Advisory Team on Wednesday, June 2nd to review both the impact of Covid in our area and the current CDC guidelines in order to decide on proper next steps for Peace. These leaders have been meeting periodically since last June as we constantly monitor the ever-changing realities amid this pandemic and how Peace is impacted.

The incidence rate of Covid in our area has declined dramatically.  That reality, along with CDC guidance, had led us to implement health safety guidelines for Peace effective immediately.

  1. Individuals that are vaccinated: Masks no longer required. Everyone asked to social distance and stay within their family groups or friends.
  2. Individuals not vaccinated: It’s recommended they wear masks and be respectful of their fellow congregation members.
  3. Seating: Change to every other pew (not every third, currently) being roped off to free up some more space while mindful of social distancing.  All pews and other touch surfaces will continue to be cleaned / disinfected between services.
  4. Passing of the Peace/Holy Communion: Continue to not have handshakes but greet others from a safe distance. Our current practice of Holy Communion will remain the same. Everyone is encouraged to socialize outside, weather permitting, both before and after church.
  5. Not feeling well: If people aren’t feeling well or have other health concerns (or symptoms), please stay home.
  6. Donut Room: We will re-visit the possibility of re-opening the donut room in July, with safety precautions around touching food, individually wrapped or sectioned-off items, self-serve coffee, etc. Our Life & Growth committee has been asked to develop a plan and protocols by end of June for leadership to review.
  7. Group gatherings: Groups are allowed to meet in our building and participants are asked to social distance, encourage masks for those not vaccinated, and ideally meet outside or in wide seating arrangements.
  8. On-line Worship Sign-up: No longer required.

“Summer in the Psalms” Message Series, Summer ’21

Psalms is a book for all seasons. It captures the breadth of human experience in a world where God truly reigns in justice and mercy, though sin and brokenness remain within us and among us.

From summers of sweet praise and joy in his holy presence, to autumns of fading hope and intense trials, to the lonely winter when God seems silent and his help far off, to the renewed hope of spring when his mercy is fresh and his saving power triumphant. This book both resonates and refines us, as it directs our gaze and anchors our hearts in the power of God and the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our schedule in July:

July 1st/4th:           Psalm 32 – “What All of Us Want”
July 8th/11th:         Psalm 42 – “The Burden of Sadness”
July 15th/18th:       Psalm 46 – “A Mighty Fortress…Luther 101” 
July 22nd/25th:      Psalm 51:1-12 – “Heart Transplant”
July 29th/Aug 1st: Psalm 100 – “Knowing Who You Are”

Join us each week as we grow in our faith while spending “Summer in the Psalms!”