We're here to share God's love

That's our Peace Church mission statement. That's why we exist as a congregation. It's also our life mission as individuals. We hope sharing God's love is what this web site will do for you as well. Whether it's in a sermon, a newsletter article or details of events, we hope that you'll find the Good News of God's love for you here. If there is more we can do, let us know.

To the Glory of God . . . For the Love of Others

In our every day ministry, we make it our commitment to reflect God’s glory. We’ll give and care and share so that others may know gods love.

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Want to become a member of Peace Lutheran Church? Guests & visitors are always welcome at Peace Lutheran Church.  If you are interested in becoming a

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The goal of our staff along with the church council is to help foster a friendly, welcoming environment that enables us to achieve our mission

Welcome to Peace Lutheran Church, ELCA

“We are here to share God’s love.”  Through this philosophy, we invite you to join us at Peace Lutheran to share God’s love through worship,

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