Graduate Sunday

Sunday, May 26th Peace Lutheran Church will honor high school graduates at the 10:30 am service.  Graduates will also be featured in a slide show at all services on Sunday morning and Thursday evening.


Pentecost Sunday is June 9..  You can help decorate the worship area that day.  We’ll be purchasing red geraniums and placing them around the altar, pulpit and baptismal font.  After the services they will be hung outside around the building to add  their color to the building throughout the summer.

If you’d like to donate toward the purchase of the geraniums, envelopes can be found on the tables in the Gathering Space.  Help us celebrate the gift of the Holy Spirit!

We are here to share God’s love.

That’s our Peace Church mission statement.  That’s why we exist as a congregation.  It’s also our life mission as individuals.  We hope sharing God’s love is what this website will do for you as well.  Whether it’s in a sermon, a newsletter article or details of events, we hope that you’d find the Good News of God’s love your you here.

To the Glory of God… For the Love of Others

In our every day ministry, we make it our commitment to reflect God’s glory.  We’ll give and care and share so that others may know God’s love.