Peace Lutheran Church Pictorial Directory

     Pastor Don Behrendt  
     Executive Pastor  
     Peace Lutheran Church - ELCA  
     1954 County Rd U  
     Green Bay, WI 54313  
     Phone:  920-865-7595  
     Fax:  920-865-7099
     "We Are Here To Share God's Love"




Names and faces - It's a great when they go together, isn't it?  Something special happens when we connect a name to a face.  We find a special attachment when that connection takes place.

With somewhere around 2,500 members, it could be considered impossible to put all the names and faces of the members of Peace Church together.  We hope this directory may help you find that magical gift of connecting at least some names and faces.

Jesus told us we are his sheep and he knows us by name.  That's a sign of love.  We'll hope and pray that connecting more names and faces will help love grow in Peace Church, too.

Peace & Joy+ Pastor Don  
Pastor Don Behrendt

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