Confirmation is virtual this year and can be accessed through our edmodo class website.

If you have a 7th or 8th grade student and you would like them to join the class, there is still more than enough time to do so.

Please contact Pastor Stuart at to get the Peace Confirmation class code for

Pastor Stuart and Pastor Jim will be doing lessons (no more than 10 minutes long!) throughout the year on    Wednesday nights, which will can be accessed on your laptops, computers, tablets or smartphones.

We are asking that parents take the minimal time required to watch the lessons along with their young person so that they can learn, wonder, pray, ask, interact and grow in their faith!

Please connect with Pastor Stuart if you have any questions.

Confirmation classes are for students in 7th and 8th grades.  The confirmation year begins in September and concludes in May with affirmation of Baptism for 8th grade students.  We believe that a relationship with God and the people of his church can be helpful to our young people and to you.  Confirmation will help students build their relation with God and better understand what it means to be Christian through learning, fellowship with their peers and service to the community.  For more information or to join the confirmation program at Peace Lutheran Church contact the church office at (920) 865-7595, or send an email to:

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