1954 County RD U, Green Bay, WI 54313

January 28, 2018


Page 1                              AGENDA/CALL TO ORDER (President-Mark Wernicke)

                                                                        DEVOTION (Pastor Don)

Pages 2-3                        ANNUAL MEETING MINUTES (January 29, 2017)

(Secretary-Deb Bohm)

Pages 4-5                        NOMINATING COMMITTEE REPORT/BALLOT

Pages 6-7                        TREASURER’S REPORT (Deb Bohm)

                                                          *AUDITING COMMITTEE REPORT (Oral Report)

Pages 8-9                        RECOMMENDED 2018 FINANCIAL PLAN FOR MISSION

Pages 10-11                    PASTOR STUART’S REPORT

Page 12                            PASTOR DON’S REPORT

Page 13                            STATISTICAL REPORT

Page 14                            CHURCH ADMINISTRATOR’S REPORT

Pages 15-16                    PARISH NURSE’S REPORT

Page 17                            YOUTH COMMITTEE REPORT

Page 18                            LIFE & GROWTH COMMITTEE REPORT

Page 19                            PARISH EDUCATION COMMITTEE REPORT

Page 20                            STAFFING COMMITTEE REPORT

Page 21                            WORSHIP COMMITTEE REPORT

Page 22                            BUILDING & GROUNDS COMMITTEE REPORT

Pages 23-24                    ENDOWMENT COMMITTEE REPORTS

Page 25                            MINISTRY SUPPORT COMMITTEE REPORT

Pages 26-27                    HEALTH MINISTRIES COMMITTEE REPORT

Page 27                            LIBRARY/KATIE’S CIRCLE/WOMEN OF PEACE REPORTS

Page 28                            FULL CIRCLE REPORT

Pages 29-30                    MEN @ PEACE REPORT


Page 33                            SPIRITUAL LEADERSHIP (Article)

Page 34                            PRESIDENT’S REPORT

                                           OLD BUSINESS/NEW BUSINESS

                                           CLOSING/LORD’S PRAYER (Pastor Stuart)



Annual Meeting Minutes

January 29, 2017

Peace Lutheran Church Annual Meeting was called to order by President Schwenke, at 9:20 A.M. with 132 voting members in attendance. Devotions were given by Pastor Behrendt.

Motion was made by Harvey Jaeger, seconded by Kathryn Hobyan to accept the Annual meeting minutes. Motion Carried. 

Nominations to council are: Linda Will, Rick Castner, Mark Wernicke, and Robin Wasielewski. Motion was made by Bob Schultz, seconded by Harvey Jaeger to close nominations and cast a unanimous ballot for the presented nominees. Motion Carried.

Thank You to the Nominating committee.

Thank You to the outgoing Council Members for their time. Deborah Bohm, Karyn St. Aubin, Robert Schultz, Greg Thomas, Connie Fleigle.

Motion was made by Carey Swiechichowski, seconded by Sue Sturm to have Connie Fleigle,Robert Schultz and Kathy Leidig for the Nominating Committee for 2017. Motion Carried.

Motion was made by Harvey Jaeger, seconded by Paula Kocken to accept the Treasurer's

Report. Motion Carried.

Auditing Committee Kevin Johnson, Michelle Wanta, and Elizabeth Lawler found the books to be in order.

Motion was made by Ed Nordman, seconded by Paul Kamke to accept the proposed Ministry Financial Plan for 2017. Motion Carried.

Motion was made by Al Williams, seconded by Mark Wernicke to accept the Statistical report, Pastor’s reports, Church Administrator’s report, President’s report, Parish Nurse report. Motion Carried.

Committee reports-Building and Grounds, Health and Ministry, Life and Growth, Ministry Support, Parish Ed, Staffing, Worship, Youth, Endowment, Peaceful Beginnings, Outreach committees were all presented.

Motion by Karyn St. Aubin, seconded by Paul Kamke to accept all standing committee reports. Motion Carried.







Endowment Committee-

Motion was made by Paula Kocken, seconded by Bob Schultz to accept Kevin Tews, Bill Kuse and Nancy Hallada as nominees for the endowment committee. Motion Carried.

We will need 4 delegates for the Synod Assembly , if interested please see Jim.

How is the money given out at end of year decided for the Endowment fund?

Communicate with the committee members.

Harvey Jaeger thanked Greg Schuelke for cooking meals.

Motion was made by Al Williams, seconded by Paul Kamke to close the meeting. Motion Carried.

Meeting closed with The Lord's Prayer at 9:55 AM.

Deborah Bohm





Recommended Nominations For Church Council-3 Year Terms

YOUTH(1st Term) Nikki Gerth: Nikki is active in the area of education for Peace. She has been teaching Sunday School for many years and also a organizer and teacher for Vacation Bible School.Nikki is a school counselorfor Pulaski Area Middle School and a Peace Member for 12 years. She is married to Steve and they have 4 children, Tate, Maggie, Grady & Cassidy. 


HEALTH MINISTRIES (1st Term) Lee Schubert:  Lee, an Oshkosh native, has worked as a licensed funeral director at Marnocha Funeral Home in Pulaski since 2012. In 2009, he earned an Associate Degree in Funeral Service from Milwaukee Area Technical College, which is where he met his wife, Levana, an Antigo native and a classmate in mortuary school.  The couple moved to Pulaski in 2012 so they could live in between their home towns, and were married on September 5, 2014.  Levana also serves as a funeral director with Marnocha Funeral Home.  They are also both members and officers of the Pulaski Lions Club, where Lee currently serves as Vice President and Levana serves as Secretary.  Lee enjoys participating in the Pulaski Area Community Band as a trumpet player and likes playing trumpet in church as well.  The couple enjoys traveling and spending time outdoors, especially hunting and fishing with Levana’s family in the north woods of Wisconsin. They are the proud “dog parents” of Winston, an English bulldog. Lee has been a member of Peace since 2016.

MINISTRY SUPPORT (2nd Term) Dennis Schwenke: Dennis and his spouse, Nancy, have been members of Peace for 18years. Dennis has participated in many levels of volunteer works and in Council and Committee work over those years. Dennis recently served as our Council President and currently serves as our Council Vice-President.

Recommended Nomination for the Endowment Committee-3 Year Term

Shirley Paulson (1st Term): Shirley  has been a member of Peace since 2012 prior to which she was a member at Ascension-Green Bay for 28 years. At Ascension she taught confirmation and Sunday School, and served as president of the WELCA. At Peace she is a member of bell choir, Katie's Circle, and the evening women's Bible study. She is in her second term as President of the ECSW Women of the ELCA.  Shirley retired from Green Bay Area Public Schools in 2013 where she served as District Supervisor for Gifted and Talented, AVID District Director, and principal of Wequicok Elementary.  She teaches graduate courses in gifted education for UW Whitewater. 


Recommended Nominations for the Nominating Committee-1 Year Term

Mike Masar: Mike and his wife, Donna, have been members here at Peace for 21years.

Mike has been active in volunteer work and service on our Church Council. Mike serves on our Council now with our Property Committee.

Melanie Nyquist: Melanie is an out-going member of our peace Coucnil where she has served on our Youth Committee for two terms. Melanie and her husband, Dave, have been members here at Peace for 20 years.

Dennis Winkler: Dennis was instrumental in the planning of our Endowment Committee and an active volunteer here at Peace over the years. He currently serves on our property Committee.

Dennis, and his wife Jeanne, have been members here for over 14 years.

Nominating Committee Members: Connie Fliegle, Bob Schultz & Kathy Leidig






2017 Financial Report






Jan. 1, 2017






Dec. 31, 2017


General Treasury










Dedicated Accounts










Memorials & Gifts










Building Contingency










Building Fund










Future Bldg. Improvement









Totals all Funds














General Fund


General Fund (On Financial Plan sheet)



Regular Envelope 




Loose Offerings




Memorial Fund




Sunday School








Ash Wednesday








Palm Sunday








Building Fund






Interest Paid   




Good Friday




Principal Paid




Holy Thursday


















Christmas Eve




Christmas Day




Mortgage - Principal Balance as of 12/31/2017










Memorials & Gifts




Contingency Fund




Building Fund






















Dedicated Funds


Dedicated Funds


Easter Lilies




Easter lilies

















Soup & Sandwich




Soup & Sandwich



Prayer Shawl Ministry






Hunger Box




Hunger Box







Mbatia Fund



Food Pantry




Food Pantry



Quilting Fund




Quilting Fund



Parking Lot




Endowment Fund



Endowment Fund




Peace Youth Group



Peace Youth Group




Operation Shoe Box



Operation Shoe Box




Katie's Circle



Katie's Circle







Assembly Offering




Women of ELCA



Canvas Painting




Parking Lot



Liberia Ministry




Canvas Painting



Garden of Edan Fund




Medical Pastor Stuart


Camp Scholarship




Health Ministry



ELCA Good Gifts




Landscaping Project



Women of ELCA




Disaster Relief



Mbatia Fund




NEW Community







ELCA Good Gifts



Kitchen Fund




St John's Homeless



Medical Pastor Stuart






Senior Choir




Music for Choir



Health Ministry




PD Golf Outing



Landscaping Project




Men at Peace



Disaster Relief




Prayer Shawl Ministry


St John's Homeless














New Community Shelter



PD Golf Outing




Men at Peace








RECOMMENDED 2018 Financial Plan for Mission












12 months









East Cent Synod

 $         60,000


 $         60,000


 $            60,000

Lutheran Social  Services

 $           5,000


 $         10,000


 $               6,000

REACH/ Discretionary

 $           5,000


 $                    -


 $               9,500

Camping Ministries

 $           4,000


 $           4,000


 $               5,000

Seminary Student

 $           3,500


 $           3,500


 $               5,000

  Sub Total

 $      77,500


 $      77,500


 $         85,500







Pastors Salary

 $       107,924


 $       107,425


 $          113,925

Pastors Housing

 $         28,500


 $         28,500


 $            28,500


 $         14,687


 $         14,687


 $            16,406

Health Insurance

 $         49,667


 $         49,667


 $            47,855

Social Security Allow

 $         10,437


 $         10,399


 $            10,896

Supplemental Insurance

 $           3,000


 $           3,000


 $               3,000

Ongoing Education

 $           3,000


 $           1,252


 $               3,000

  Sub Total

 $    217,215


 $    214,930


 $       223,582







Organist & FICA

 $         16,391


 $         17,241


 $            16,883

Choir Dir/Acc & FICA

 $           6,895


 $           5,771


 $               7,102

Janitor & FICA

 $      12,920


 $      13,942


 $            14,210

Church Administrator & FICA

 $      50,362


 $      50,017


 $            52,749

Parish Nurse & FICA

 $      42,230


 $      42,008


 $            43,000

Retirement Plan Key Employees

 $           2,000


 $           1,176


 $               2,000

Nursery Coordinator & FICA

 $           3,000


 $           2,599


 $               3,000

Treasurer & FICA

 $         18,301


 $         16,019


 $            24,500

Staff Education

 $           2,500


 $               167


 $               2,500

Administrative Assistant & FICA

 $         16,147


 $         15,527


 $            21,495

  Sub Total

 $    170,746


 $    164,467


 $       187,439







Worship Supplies

 $           5,700


 $           3,771


 $               5,700

Supply Pastor&Travel

 $               225


 $                 75


 $                  225

  Sub Total

 $        5,925


 $        3,846


 $          5,925











Office Supplies

 $         16,415


 $         16,936


 $            16,415

Office Equipment

 $           8,750


 $           4,771


 $               8,750

Sub Total

 $      25,165


 $      21,707


 $         25,165







Janitor Supplies

 $           1,200


 $           1,021


 $               1,200


 $         13,000


 $         13,672


 $            14,000


 $         11,000


 $           6,423


 $            11,000


 $         17,000


 $         16,029


 $            17,000

Telephone & Security

 $           3,200


 $           2,784


 $               3,200


 $         10,200


 $         10,464


 $            10,200

Future Building Improvements

 $           6,000


 $           6,000


 $               6,000

Mowing/Snow Rem

 $           7,000


 $               971


 $               7,000


 $           4,500


 $           3,498


 $               4,500

Garbage Removal

 $           1,500


 $           1,521


 $               1,500

HVAC Maintenance

 $           8,000


 $           7,056


 $               8,000

Parking Lot replacement

 $         36,000


 $         36,000


 $                        -

Contingency Fund





 $            12,000

Cleaning Service

 $           8,652


 $           8,652


 $               8,652

  Sub Total

 $    127,252


 $    114,091


 $       104,252







Life & Growth

 $           7,550


 $           7,893


 $               9,250

Youth Activities

 $         10,725


 $           8,312


 $            10,500

Car Allowance

 $           3,000


 $           2,190


 $               3,000

Ministry Support

 $           8,000


 $           6,167


 $               9,000

Parish Educa Suppl

 $           7,350


 $           7,156


 $               7,350


 $           1,300


 $               615


 $               1,300

Health Ministries

 $           3,030


 $           3,629


 $               3,480

  Sub Total

 $      40,955


 $      35,962


 $         43,880














 $    664,758


 $    632,503


 $       675,743








 $    149,220


 $    161,210


 $       149,220








 $    813,978


 $    793,713


 $       824,963






What is a church?

In Greek, it is the word “ekklesia” which means, “a gathering”. For us today it means a group of people who come together around a common purpose. People gathered together to be reminded of that purpose, Jesus Christ…of his light, life, forgiveness, mercy, peace and grace that is offered freely to us all.

We continue to grow together.

Church is a place where we grow in our faith in worship, where we are filled up…where we grow in our faith by learning be that in bible study, confirmation, Sunday School worship or wherever…Where we grow in our faith when we give back to our community and to the world by our time our talents and our treasures…

At Peace Lutheran, we are a church. This is who we are. This is our identity and 2017 was another blessed year for us as a community of faith, centered on the grace of Jesus Christ.

We continue to gather together.

We gather as followers of Christ on Sunday mornings and Thursday nights for worship. It is the peak busy-ness of our week and I am grateful for all of the people who come out to get filled up to go out into the community to share the grace that they have been reminded of. We are a unique church, in that we are young and growing, and that we have young men in our midst as well. It is a gift.

We continue to learn together. 

+Sunday School is going strong and I am thankful for Laura Ruotsala, our solo Steering Team Member who is dedicating her year to this large task and doing it well. I am also thankful for all of the adults and young adults who are giving their time to impart the faith to our young ones.

+Confirmation is going strong too. This year I have taken the lead and I am finding it quite rewarding to get together with our 7th and 8th graders each week. The Adults who are helping are invaluable too.

+Wednesday morning Bible study is a constant source of joy and a great way for the group to connect with God and with each other. 

+Vacation Bible School went very well this past summer. We had a few more people than in the previous summers, and it was again made possible by all of the helpers and adults who gave of their time to share the faith for the whole week.


We continue to serve together.

We send people out into the community and the world to share God’s grace.

The mission trips last summer to 2 different sites in South Dakota went very well. I am indebted to Tim Johnson for leading the other site and also to the other adults who used their vacation time to help lead the youth in their faith growth and serving. This next summer we are going to Logan, West Virginia, June 23-30. As of right now we have 46 youth and 14 adults for the trip.

We will be having a Booyah/Bake Sale in Feb, so look for that. If anyone would like to give directly to the mission trip, please feel free to do so. It will be money well invested with the faith impact it has on the whole group.

I have been blessed to be able to grow in my own awareness as a pastor and in my faith with continuing education through the ELCA. I was able to make a trip to Gettysburg Seminary this past summer and I will be traveling to California at the end of January.

We continue to “be” the church together.

We continue to gather, to grow and to serve. I am blessed to be part of the leadership team here at Peace and to call all of you my congregation. I look forward to 2018 as we continue to “share God’s love.”

                                                                                                     God’s Peace,


We ARE the Church Together!





At our most recent staff meeting we were asked to share memories of Christmas.  I said that one of my most difficult Christmases took place in 1988.  I had begun working at Peace on December 13th.  I was installed on December 19th.  I preached for the first time on Christmas Eve.

It was difficult.  Almost all the faces were strange to me.  I only knew a couple of handfuls of people.  And I could tell that people were not too sure about me.  Who was this guy and what is he like?

It’s 29 years later.  I did get to know a lot of people in 1989 and the years since then.  Some people have stayed.  Some people are no longer around.  More than a few people have been added to the congregation.  And I have to admit that I have been having a bit of a hard time remembering all the names that go with the faces.

One thing has not changed.  My goal as a pastor has been to make sure that people were reassured that they have a God who loves and cares about them.  The story of Jesus and his life, death and resurrection brings peace, the peace of finding forgiveness and hope and love.  No matter whether life is good or challenging, making sure our foundation is the never ending love of God gives stability and strength as individuals and as a congregation.

A new year is always an interesting thing to begin.  It’s full of hopes and fears. Some changes will make life better and some will bring times of difficulty.  Some people who have been at Peace will continue to hang around.  Some people who are hanging around now won’t be here at the end of 2018.  There’s a pretty good chance there will be new names and faces. 

But the goal is the same for me and I hope for the ministry of Peace. Let us continue to make sure that people were reassured that they have a God who loves and cares about them.  After all, our mission statement is pretty clear: We are here to share God’s love!

Peace & Joy+




MEMBERSHIP AT THE END OF 2016                 BAPTIZED                       CONFIRMED

                                                                                                     2,808                                2,012


              ~Baptism (Children)                                              59

              ~Baptism (Adult)                                                    1

              ~Affirmation of Faith                                             40                                      49

              ~Transfer                                                                20                                      25

TOTAL NEW MEMBERS RECEIVED                                  120                                    74

CONFIRMATIONS                                                                                                          34

TOTAL GAINS                                                                     120                                    108

MEMBERS REMOVED IN 2017                           

              ~Death                                                                    11                                      11

              ~Moved (No Transfer)                                           13                                      7

              ~Transfer                                                                11                                      4

              ~Released by Request                                          6                                        4

TOTAL MEMBERS REMOVED                                            41                                      26


NET CHANGE IN MEMBERSHIP (2017)                           79                                      82


MEMBERSHIP AT THE END OF 2017                 2,887                                              2,094


TRENDS:                                                       2011     2012     2013     2014     2015              2016     2017

              ~Baptized                                      2268     2405     2538     2579     2700              2808     2887

              ~Confirmed                                  1602     1705     1778     1806     1904              2012     2094

              ~Households                                815       862       906       942       977              1094     1039

              ~Worship (Avg.)                         509       545       541       553       531              532       528

              ~% @Worship                             22%      23%      21%      22%      21%              19%      18.3%

              ~S. Sch. Total                               623       665       699       721       771              827       869

              ~S. Sch. Att. (Avg.)                     125       145       105       111       96              103       92


TOTAL                  2013                   2014                  2015                  2016               2017

GIVING              $762,052.58     $729,458.69     $$790,616.22  $864,839.11              $885,049.12


TOTAL                $111,380.58     $94,461.16       $99,370.85       $98,326.15              $106,618.27








“How very good and pleasant it is when kindred live together in unity!”

(Psalm 133:1)

One of the great opportunities God has shared with me over the years has been to visit many congregations. It warms my heart to think of the gifted and faithful people God calls to share the love of Jesus.

One of the strengths of our ministry here at Peace is the harmony and unity that we share as we do our work. We come from varied backgrounds with different ideas and yet, we are all focused on sharing the love of God through grace and love.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve on your staff and experience the goodness and

dedication of this fine congregation.

G.P.A.C.(Give Peace A Chance) is a group of six members (Erin DeGroot, Amy Bjorklund, Mark Wernicke, Al Williams, Kevin Johnson & Sue Hancock) charged by our Council to look at future planning. They have been working behind the scenes and are now in the process of reaching out to groups in the congregation for input and direction. Watch for further updates.

VOLUNTEERSmake a BIG difference here at Peace. God has been good to us all as our members make a difference with their gifts. Here are just some of the ways our members share their talents: ~Folding newsletters/Bulletins, ~Making Booyah/Pizza,

~Yard work/clean-up, ~Music, Making Prayer Shawls/Quilts, ~Preparing/Serving Donut Room treats on Sundays, ~A/V work, Cooking/Serving at a Homeless Shelter/Mauthe Center, ~Providing a meal and program for veterans, ~Funeral Meals, ~Serving on Council/Committees, ~Money Counters, ~Greeters, ~Ushers, ~Communion Assistants,

~Confirmation Guides, ~Mission Trippers/Chaperones, Sunday School/VBS Teachers/ Helpers, ~Lawn Cutting & Snow Removal, ~Woodside visitors, and more!

WE ARE HERE TO SHARE GOD’S LOVEis more than a mission statement. It is the way we have chosen to be “lights in the world” as followers of Jesus Christ. It is indeed an honor to share in that mission with you.  ~Jim Justman




Happy New Year!  Thank you for your continued support of our Health Ministries!

Here are some highlights of 2017:


*The 9th Annual “Morning on the Beach with JESUS” was on Saturday, January 21st  with speakers, Bonnie Nussbaum on “Inspirations for the Soul” and I spoke about “Healing Laughter”. Over 30 people attended and enjoyed the delicious healthy food and fellowship.


*“Walk to the Cross” for Lent had over 90 participants which included individuals, families, and couples that participated. We “walked” or exercised to equal 6,035 miles from Peace to Calvary by Good Friday, April 14th.


*Weight Management/Exercise Ministry-Early Bird Water Exercise at Pulaski Pool was attended once a week from 6:30 am-7:30 am with devotions before exercising during the Winter, Spring, and Summer months with Nurse Marsha. The “Walk & Talk” exercise group met on Monday evenings with outdoor walks using the walking trail around the Hobart Centennial Development and indoor exercise along with inspirational devotions and fellowship time. Thank you Nurse Joyce for organizing this!


* Children’s Self Defense was well attended at Peace on Sunday, April 2nd by over 32 participants (including parents/grandparents/younger siblings watching). We received a lot of positive feedback and much was learned thanks to Jennifer Sinkula’s generous monetary donation and Herb’s Self Defense.


*HEALTH FAIR: WOW! By the grace of God and many helpers, our October 1st Health Fair was AMAZING! A BIG “THANKS!” to all the parishioners and helpers who shared their expertise and their valuable time. We enjoyed the inflatable Ameriheart, Pulaski Fire Truck education, Safety Seatbelt Simulator and 32 Health booths in between!


*Over 50 parishioners participated in “A Reformation Journey with Martin Luther” that started October 1st and ended after over 538 miles on October 29th. Also many people enjoyed the red velvet cake, fruit and snacks while remembering and celebrating the 500th year anniversary of the Reformation.


*Missions Ministries/Community Help Ministries: Thank you for all of your life saving blood donations this year! Please look at the bulletin boards here at Peace for future blood donation times and places. You may contact the Red Cross for future blood drives as well.



*HEAL (Healing Even After Loss) bereavement support group meets the 2nd Sunday of each month from 9:15 am-10:15 am with Nurse Joyce. Please watch your bulletins, the weekly emails and Tidings for upcoming HEAL times and places they are meeting.  

*Prayer Shawl Ministry-over 780+ prayer shawls have been made and given to parishioners as well as community members since June ’06. Prayer Shawl Meetings are the 1st Thursday of every month at 1:30pm-2:30pm in the Conference room at Peace Lutheran. Thank you for the blessings of your time, talent and monetary donations for the prayer shawl supplies. 

*Bi-monthly Blood Pressure Screenings-many parishioners actively participated in our Sunday B/P screenings. Thank you to Joyce McCollum, Char Busch and Shelly Destache for being my helpers!  

 *Peaceful Beginnings Nursery School/Preschool Health Ministries-3 classes of children (approximately 55 participants including their teachers!) are taught different health lessons during the school year and prevention along with health tips for our bodies, minds and spirits.

*Visiting Ministries/Elizabeth Ministries/Follow-up Ministries-bereavement follow-up for over 60+  parishioners/families in ‘17 as well as visiting parishioners in hospitals, nursing homes, assisted livings and in their homes. I am thankful for seeing parishioners in the office 4 days a week. These are appointments, walk-ins, telephone contacts, visits, cards, prayer shawls, grief support materials t etc. Please come to see me and/or contact me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call me at 920-865-7595 voicemail #2J


*Our 10th Annual “Morning on the Beach with Jesus” will be Saturday, January 20th from 8:30 am-11:30am at Peace Lutheran. Jennifer Jurecki, Prevea Nurse Practitioner, will be teaching us about “De-Stressing” as well as about the health benefits using essential oils and aromatherapy. Rosie DeBroux will be sharing information about healthy probiotics along with wonderful hors d’oeuvres and fellowship!

*New Exercise Opportunities-please watch the bulletins and Tidings for more information coming soon JGod bless you all!


God’s peace and love, Nurse Marsha






Our youth enjoyed a variety of servant and fellowship events in 2017.  

Merge continues each month with Pastor Stuart. Fellowship time, pizza and games are enjoyed.

The annual ski trip was offered in 2017. However, not enough participants signed up and therefore it needed to be canceled.  The 2018 ski trip is proving to be a success.

In collaboration with other council members, the youth committee put up a whiteboard in the hallway between the sanctuary and the fellowship area. Pastor Stuart poses various questions and sentence starters. Members of all ages are posting responses. We encourage kids to draw pictures or write words.  

The mission trip was another huge success with 46 youth and 14 adults attending.  Pastor Stuart’s leadership, our parent volunteers along with the Youth Works staff continue to make positive impacts that influence our youth into adulthood.  

Once again the 30 Hour Famine was well received. Our 7th and 8th graders participated in a lock in where they worked on service projects, enjoyed fellowship activities and sacrificed by fasting.

The Youth Committee would like to thank the congregation for their amazing support of our youth budget and fundraisers (booyah, bake sale, Easter breakfast, and more).

Submitted by, Melanie Nyquist






2017 was a good year for the Life & Growth Committee with the Annual Church

Picnic/Rally Day on Sunday, September 10 being our largest event. With some help from Thrivent, two grills were constructed by Gene Eisner for grilling our large amounts of brats, burgers and corn. (Thank You, Gene!) These grills will stay in the back garage to be used for picnics in future years. With the help of many volunteers, donations by church members and a beautiful, sunny day, the picnic was a huge success!

Thanksgiving Eve pie night occurred seamlessly again in 2017. We are thankful to willing volunteers who brought pies to share, helped in the kitchen, served, and delivered leftover pies to the hungry.

The Life & Growth Committee continues to oversee Sunday greeters, Piece by Peace

Quilters, funeral lunches, and worship at Woodside Lutheran Nursing Home. We are very appreciative of all the volunteers who help serve in these capacities. We are also very grateful for the consistent devotion of our coffee makers and servers during Sunday morning donut/coffee hour. These amazing volunteers give of their time tirelessly EVERY Sunday morning setting up and making and serving coffee and donuts to ensure meaningful fellowship for all church members. Bob Rosenow, Adam DeGroot, Gary Mork and Dave Sinkula are our

faithful Sunday morning volunteers and we applaud you! Thank You so much!

(Volunteers are always welcome to be added to the Sunday morning schedule).

The “Full Circle” Women’s group and the “Men @ Peace” group continue their positive

growth under the umbrella of the Life & Growth Committee. The folks involved in these

groups continue to do great things and support great causes and our committee is so very

appreciative of all their positive efforts.

We continue to be concerned about inactive members and to wonder how to get new

members involved in Peace activities beyond the weekly church service once they have

joined Peace. There is ongoing discussion on enhancing the “connectivity” of Peace


The Life and Growth Committee would like to thank all who have made a contribution to our

work during the last year. In a thriving and growing congregation as we have, input from a

greater segment of the membership would be extremely valuable. We always welcome new

members to our committee.

Submitted by: Sandy Nordman




The Parish Education committee is an excellent opportunity for Peace members to get

involved and contribute to Peace Lutheran Church. Giving your time and talents can help build

new relationships with other members, God and our church.

Sunday School:

Teachers, leaders, helpers and subs are needed. Join a wonderful team of people. Lots of

excitement, eagerness to learn and plenty of laughter with the children of Peace. Added bonus:

Christmas program. The children love to tell the story of baby Jesus in their own way. Plus a

cookie social afterward. Building memories that the children will treasure their whole life



Another milestone for our young adults as they confirm their baptism. The groups continue

learning and sharing of God's love. Experiencing a 30 hour famine and serving our communities

is something they will never forget.

Vacation Bible School:

Awesome time! Over 110 kids...WOW! A week of joining together to learn, experience and

share God’s love. Thanks to all who volunteer!

Merge Night:

Our young adults have lots of questions, especially in this always changing world. Here's a

place they can feel comfortable and talk openly. They even bring friends, which means they talk

about their experience.

Is there something missing in your life? Parish Education encourages anyone who wants to

make a difference, to join. We continue to share God’s love in a safe and loving environment.

Feel free to contact any myself, a committee personnel, or someone in the main office.


~Robin Wasielewski




Staffing Committee Report


I would like to thank Connie Fleigle, Mary Reinke, Carol Vanden Plas & Jim Justman for their committed work on the staffing committee.

During the 1st qtr. The staff reviewed revisions to the Funeral Leave & Paid Sick Days policies.

Went thru the hiring process for Administrative Assistant position.  The staff made the decision to hire Melissa Huber who brings experience and enthusiasm to the office. Worked on syncing all computers to the same Microsoft Word version. Review changes in Nurse job description.

During the 2nd qtr. Researching the cost for health and dental insurance for qualified employees. Discussion to add more responsibilities to Administrative Assistant position.

During the 3rd qtr.  Updated Personnel Manual, including revised Funeral Leave and Paid Sick Days policies.  Accepted improved verbiage to Nurse job description. Set up schedules for staff reviews. Preparation for budget review for 2018. Research actual cost impact for health & dental insurance for qualified employees.

During the 4th qtr. All staff reviews completed. Recommendations for salary adjustments sent to Ministry Support for 2018 budget. Review needs for technical support (computer infrastructure). Went thru an Advanced Directives & Beyond course. Offer the benefits of this program thru Nurse Marsha, creating another value opportunity for the congregation. Review current Church organization chart. Continuous review of staff job descriptions and procedures.

Continuous review of staffing needs.

Thank you to all the volunteers, dedicated employees and Pastors that make this a wonderful place to worship.

Rick Castner




The Worship Committee would like to thank all the members of Peace for providing a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for each other and the visitors. Special thanks to Pastor Don and Pastor Stuart, for providing the messages of love that God has for us. Our church continues to grow because of this love that we share.

We would like to thank the many volunteers we have to help complete the Worship Services

here at Peace, including acolytes, ushers, communion assistants, greeters, bulletin folders, altar committee members, sound booth operators, those that create power points, care for the children in the nursery, care for the banners, and decorate the church for the holidays. Special thank you to the coordinators of these volunteers.

Thank You to the people who keep our worship area clean, and inviting.

Thank You to the many volunteers that have helped with the Lenten Suppers. This is a special time of fellowship before the Wednesday Lenten Services. The meals would not be possible without the many volunteers who prepare, serve, shop and clean up.

Thank You to all who have donated flowers to decorate the church on Sundays. We would also like to thank the people who have donated Easter flowers and Poinsettias, with these sales we have decorated the church for the holidays and we have donated profits to the area community shelters, along with purchasing good gifts through the ELCA.

Thank You to all the members who have purchased items from the Good gifts tree. These gifts benefit many of our needy people.

Thank You to the musicians and directors for providing us with wonderful and uplifting music throughout the year for our worship services.

We invite you to join our committee as we strive to make Peace a welcome, spiritual place to worship. If you have any suggestions to enhance our worship services, please leave us know.

Current Committee Members: Pastor Don, Debbie Bohm, Linda Will, Eilene Thormodsgard, Cindy Tumpach, Mary Pasch, Donna Masar, Mary Brunner, Karen Rafn, Lynda Bothun, Kathy Clevers.

Thank You,  Deb Bohm




The Building and Grounds Committee would like to express our sincere thanks to all the volunteers who continue to willingly provide the services to keep our facility in top shape.  Especially we would like to recognize the people that provide for free the services we would otherwise have to dedicate significant funds to cover.

Overall, our buildings are functioning well and there are no significant concerns over equipment or structures.  At the risk of leaving out mention of projects that were accomplished here are a few things that were accomplished.  Probably most noticeable was the paving of a significant portion of the parking lot.  Sure changes the appearance of the grounds.  Pews were cleaned after many years of faithful service.  The trash receptacles are now supported on concrete pads.  We managed to fix a problem with the old furnaces to keep them running, although they remain on our watch list for replacement both for better efficiency and greater reliability. Daycare is replacing carpeting in their area of the building that is in bad shape.

We are currently working toward getting a good plan and estimate for redoing the fascia on the new church.  Our hope would be to move forward with that work this summer.



Our 8th Annual Pastors Golf Outing was held at the Shorewood Golf Course on Sunday, September 17th .  The format of this event allowed the Pastors to golf at least one hole with most of the 32 participants.  Thanks to the Pastors and the weathermen for a wonderful fall day to enjoy a day in the Great Outdoors of Northeastern Wisconsin.  We expect this event to continue for the 9th year when we will try to schedule the outing in September 2018, on a Sunday the Packers are not playing football.  You are all welcome to join us out there.  Look for our sign-up sheets in August.

The Endowment Fund distributed grants of $1,966.67 in 2017 in accordance with the By-law’s requirement that 5% of the principle be distributed annually.  Grants were awarded to the Peace Youth Group, St. John’s Homeless Shelter, N.E.W. Community Shelter, Pulaski Food Pantry, The Giving Tree, Sam’s Homeless Center, Crossways Camps, Cup of Joy, Peace Quilters, Peace Prayer Shawl Ministry, and Eye Heart World – Human Trafficking program.

The Endowment Committee recognizes, appreciates, and THANKS YOU, our Peace members who share their love by contributing during the year, using the Special “Endowment Fund” envelopes, special gifts, or bequests.

Remember, if you or a family member or friend is required to take an IRA withdrawal this year; in most cases you may be able to use those funds to contribute to Peace Lutheran Church or other non-profit organizations.

The Peace Lutheran Church Endowment Fund was established to provide an opportunity to contribute to the needs of families, youth, community welfare, and ELCA and Synod programs over and above the Peace Financial Plan.  The function of the Fund is to accept gifts and bequests, grow the assets, and distribute earnings annually to benefit ministries selected from various categories of congregational outreach.  The Fund focuses on a long term view of benevolence, as it operates as a perpetual fund and assures that gifts and bequests will be used in congregational outreach now and in countless years in the future.

Submitted by Bob Schultz




Kevin Tews-Treasurer


                                                  2008                                                        $19,700.00

                                                  2010                                                        $     500.00

                                                  2011                                                        $     796.00

                                                  2012                                                        $  2,640.48

                                                  2013                                                        $  1,704.00

                                                  2014                                                        $  1,278.00

                                                  2015                                                        $  2,036.00

                                                  2016                                                        $  1,466.00

                                                  2017                                                        $     703.00

                                                  In Transit at YR end                                             $   3,572.00 (Deposited in 2018)

Total Contributions                                                                 $34,395.48                  


Checking Account (12/31/17)                                                               $  1,224.58

Deposit in Transit at YR end                                                                  $  3,572.00

Vanguard Investment Account (12/31/17)            $42,270.33

Total Assets                                                                               $47,066.91


Beginning Balance January 1, 2017                                     $39,333.47


Contributions from Members                                                              $ 4,275.00

Dividends Earned                                                                                    $    981.42

Reinvested (Bought 41.158 shares VWELX)                                       $   (981.42)

Investment Gain (Loss)                                                                          $  5,425.11

Total Income                                                                             $  9,700.11


Peace Youth Fund                                                                                   $     516.67

St. John’s Homeless Shelter                                                                  $     200.00

N.E.W. Community Shelter                                                                   $     200.00

Pulaski Food Pantry                                                                                $     200.00

The Giving Tree                                                                                       $     200.00

Sam’s House-Shawano, WI                                                                   $     150.00

Crossways Camping Ministries                                                            $     100.00

Cup O’ Joy Music Venue                                                                        $     100.00

“Piece by Peace” Quilters                                                                      $       50.00

Peace Prayer Shawl Ministries                                                             $       50.00

Eye Heart World (Human Trafficking Event)         $      250.00

Total Grants Paid                                                                      $   1,966.67


Re-order checks                                                                                      $          0.00

Total Expenses                                                                          $          0.00



Ending Balance as of December 31, 2016                            $47,066.91



The Ministry Support Committee would again like to thank all members of Peace Lutheran Church for their generous financial support in 2017 and for their volunteering of their “ Time and Abilities” in 2017. It takes a congregation to keep a Church financially and spiritually sound, and Peace members have done it well.

The 2017 financial report and the proposed 2018 Financial Ministry Plan (Budget) is in the annual meeting brochure. Please thank Deb Bohm, Bob Schultz, and Kevin Tews for finalizing the consolidated numbers.

We did not distribute the “Time and Abilities” brochure on Mothers’ Day this year. Instead the request was included in the fall giving statement packet sent to members via USPS. The response to this method of distribution was not over whelming. We may revisit the process of handing the volunteer brochure out again on Mothers’ Day 2018, in addition to an on line request process.

The existing Black Top Parking lot was repaved this summer. The entire cost was paid from General Treasury and internal accounts. This account will be repaid through 2018-2019. No monies will be borrowed externally to fund this project.

We no longer have a fear of potholes.

The first Financial Peace Class was also completed this fall. This is a Dave Ramsey based financial instruction. It was a very thorough nine sessions, 90-minute class. Five couples completed the entire course, and were able to reduce their combined debt by $30,000. This committee and the congregation would like to thank Ashley Swanson for teaching this class. We are hopeful to have an even greater participation in the fall of 2018.

Thanks again to all members of Peace Lutheran Church, for your support.

Thank you. Ministry Support + Dennis



The Health Ministry Committee met three times in 2017.  The dates were February 21st, April 11th and August 15th.  

The members attending most meetings include Dr. Fuglestad, Jean Dahlstrom (retired physical therapist),  Lisa Streu, pharmacist, Nurse Marsha , Faith Community Nurse for Peace Lutheran and Joyce McCollum,  Volunteer Faith Community Nurse and Chair of the Committee. We have also consulted with Dr. Laura Nelson on health questions and the health fair. We have many other health professionals who help us whenever we ask. This may be help with blood pressures, the health fair, our walks,, etc.   We appreciate the willingness to be available. 

The 2017 Morning on the Beach with Jesus in January was again a successful event in which the participants are able to learn and pray together as well as enjoy some healthy snacks.  

There are two organized exercise groups in 2017.  An early morning swim on Wednesdays at the Pulaski Pool and The Walking and Talking Group started up again in early February inside the church and walked outside until late fall whenever the weather was good. 

Healing Even After Loss (HEAL) group met on the second Sunday mornings in the Conference Room at 9:15.  This is a support group for church and community members whose spouse has passed away. 

Joyce coordinated A Walk to the Cross during Lent.  There were 90 participants who walked and exercised the equivalent of 6,075 miles.  During October, a Walk around Germany to places that were important to Martin Luther was organized by Joyce and Nurse Marsha. Information was provided on places along the way that were important in Luther’s life as we celebrated the 500th Anniversary of the posting of the theses on the church door.   There were also DVDs available. 

A successful Children’s Self Defense Class was held on April 2nd with Herb Bleu doing the presentation for K-5th graders. 

The August meeting was devoted totally to finalizing plans for the October 1st Health Fair which a huge success. 

Nurse Marsha has identified many of the booths in her report.  There something educational for every age group.

We appreciate all the of the volunteer time of  those church members that staffed booths as well as all of the others from the area who brought in booths to help educate members of Peace Lutheran.  There were about 30 booths and outside displays of a Walk through Heart, a Seatbelt demonstrator that showed what happens when you don’t wear one, and a Fire truck.


As Chair of the Committee, my goal for 2018 is to work with the Committee to engage even more of the health professionals in the Church in the Health Ministry Committee as well as to do some brainstorming about programs we can have for all ages groups to keep us healthy in mind, body and spirt.   

~Joyce McCollum, MS, BSN, RN,-Health Ministry Committee Chair


This year the church library gained several new books and videos.  Our circulation included:  260 books and 52 videos/dvds/cds.

Thank you to everyone who has either donated materials or helped with the weekly projects as well as the organizing and processing of new materials.  They have done an awesome job.  Anyone else who is interested in helping is welcome to join us on our work dates.


Katie’s Circle meets on the second Tuesday of the month (except July and August) at 1 p.m.  We share in the Bible study found in the Gather magazine.  In addition to the Bible study the ladies have been involved in several outreach projects.   From our general offerings we gave financial support to WELCA Katie’s Fund, scholarships for Triennial Gathering, and other outreach projects.  Each month we meet we make a donation to the hunger box found on the wall outside the office door.  This group also collects items for LWR personal care kits and was able to assemble and ship 100 kits this year.  Thank you to everyone who has helped with the personal care kits.  This wonderful group of ladies has been able to make a difference in many people’s lives!  Everyone is welcome to join us.  The fellowship with other Christian women is a wonderful blessing to enjoy!



The women of Peace have been active in the Women of the ELCA groups beyond our congregation.  Three women attended the 2017 Triennial Gathering in Minneapolis from July 13-17, 2017.  Five women attended the East Central Synod fall retreat at Imago Dei Village in September and two women attended the Synod convention in November.  A group also attended the Green Bay Conference spring event in April.  These are all wonderful opportunities to share what has been happening at Peace and learn about what other women are involved in as well.


Full Circle

Full Circle is a women’s spiritual outreach group focused on church and community outreach. Full Circle was established in 2008 and meetings are held the first Saturday of each month. Meetings are a time of socialization, prayer and planning of a special outreach project for

each month. All women are encouraged to join us.

Mission Statement: To unite as Christian women as we share our talents with our church,

community and each other. Meetings will be held two times per month; the first at a local

establishment to support and explore our community, plan our outreach and spiritually grow withfriends.

The second meeting is going into the community and sharing our talents as a group of

Christian women from Peace Lutheran Church. New ideas from all Peace church members are

strongly encouraged. Non-members are also welcome to join.

Some 2017 outreach projects included:

• Numerous Grocery Challenges - With donations going to Howard “Giving Tree” and

Pulaski Food Pantry

• Caring Card Ministry - Sent cards monthly to congregation members for births,

baptisms, illnesses and deaths

• Coats for Kids (Salvation Army) - Helped collect and distribute coats to needy children

• Sewing & Craft Days - Sewed dresses, tote bags and britches for needy children

in the U.S, Haiti and Africa and made cards for the card ministry.

• N.E.W. Homeless Shelter - Collected food, prepared meals, made desserts and served

meals at the shelter on various occasions

• Volunteered and supported Annual Church Picnic

• Annual Health Fair - Set up and manned booth

• “Giving Tree” Christmas Store - Collected donations, set-up and distributed gifts

• Project Friendship - Prepared and served a meal to the less fortunate of the

Pulaski Community

• Feed My Starving Children - Volunteered to pack nutritious meals for hungry

children around the world

• Hosted 7th Annual Ladies Tea Event - “Comfortabili-Tea”.

Ladies “Full Circle” will continue sharing our time and talents in 2018. ALL women are

encouraged to join us (find meeting locations on “Peace” website).

Please mark your calendars and join us for our upcoming “Ladies Tea” (Mobili-Tea) scheduled for Saturday, April 14, 2018.

One of the most difficult things to give away is “KINDNESS” ... it usually comes back to you.

Respectfully submitted by: Sandy Nordman



Happy New Year-2018!   WE have had another active year with the Men of Peace in providing some activities and ministries that supports our mission at Peace - sharing God’s love with others !

 Our outreach to help the homeless in the Green Bay community is by providing a monthly meal and servers at St John’s Homeless Shelter from November through April. Chef Greg Schuelke provides a fantastic hot meal and volunteers from the congregation are welcome to serve the meal or provide tasty desserts(many of which are used for the next days breakfast) Marty Hancock and Ken Jensen organize this activity . If you are interested in helping out our next meal is Thursday, February 8, 2018 sign up on kiosk or contact Marty or Ken.

We are looking into ways to continue to provide a meal and servers at the Mauthe Center on the campus of UWGB  as an outreach to the young people on campus.

Crossways Camps Workday is usually held in May . We have decided to focus our help at thecamps with financial support for specific projects only but encourage anyone who would like to help out at any of the camps with cleanup, repair etc… to watch the bulletin and newsletter for times and places.

We start our summers off right with our Peace Dairy Appreciation Sundae in June depending on when the berries are ripe!) Dennis Winkler and Don Dahlstrom are facilitators for this event. This event is sponsored by the Brown County Dairy Council with help from Gay and Mary Pasch  June 24, 2018 is our goal this year.

August brings about our planning for the upcoming church year and setting our calendar dates. It is a great time to come and see what we are all about. We always are looking for new ideas to be of service to our congregation and community. We also provide some volunteer help to Gay Pasch with his work at the Brown County Fair in August.

The Peace Church Picnic and Rally Sunday for Sunday School starts out the year in September with a bang!  We help out with grilling burgers and brats and cleanup as a member of the Life and Growth Committee on   This is always a real highlight of the year! Harvey Jaeger, Ken Jensen, Dennis Winkler, Don Dahlstrom and Marty Hancock shared leadership of this activity.

We are combing efforts with Good Shepherd in Howard in organizing and participating in  the Crossways Bike Hike to support the camps in September  Harvey Jaeger has been our liaison.

October brings the smell of delicious pizza as we conduct our annual Peace Pizza Sale. This intergenerational event of making pizzas as a fund raiser for our outreaches like Crossways Camps, St John’s Meals, etc…is always supported  well by our congregation. Ken Jensen, Harvey Jaeger, Dennis Winkler, Don Dahlstrom Gay Pasch, Marty Hancock  help to manage this group along with  Greg Schuelke and Deb Bohm and our church staff. This October   was the best turnout ever – Thanks to all who helped and supported this event !



Peace Veterans Breakfast has become an annual event for veterans at Peace and the surrounding area. This year’s event will be on Saturday, May 19, 2018 to celebrate Armed Forces Day A turn out of approx 100 veterans and their guest last year were provided a military style breakfast from Air Force Sgt Greg Schuelke and an interesting program set up by Bruce and Delores Sorensen. Our goal is always to honor those who have served or are serving our nation with pride. Harvey Jaeger is the resource person.

Ringing Bells for the Salvation Army is our December outreach that is offered to any member of the congregation especially those confirmation groups who are looking for a service project. This outreach is appropriate at the Advent season to prepare ourselves for the coming of the Lord, Jesus Christ, by helping those less fortunate and making their season more joyous. Harvey Jaeger set this up for bell ringing at Woodman’s on the west side

AS a part of the Life and growth Committee at Peace we are always looking for ways to help reach out to those in our congregation and community to share what God has given us- His Love !

We meet on the first Sunday of each month(except July !) at 9:00am in the Conference Room at Peace.  We usually start with a prayer and discussion along with some great fellowship.

Our next meeting is on Sunday, February 4, 2018 (Superbowl 52 Sunday !)  All men of Peace are welcome to stop by with their coffee , ideas and willingness to share some fellowship in God’s love. Visit our link at .

We wish to give THANKS to Pastor Don and Pastor Stuart for their prayers and leadership. THANKS to  Jim Justman for his help as well.    A special THANKS to Deb Bohm, Melissa Huber and Bob DeBroux and his wife, Rosie, and Sandy Nordman for all their help to keep us going !

                                   GOD’S BLESSINGS AND PEACE FOR 2018!!




Our Vision

To provide quality care and education while sharing the love of Jesus


Our Mission

To provide high quality childcare and early education in a non-denominational Christian atmosphere. With the help of our staff and community, we maintain superior standards of care. A child at Peaceful Beginnings will receive the care necessary for physical health and growth, emotional security and well-being, educational enrichment and spiritual reassurance.


Our Center currently has 78 children enrolled in our childcare program and 29 attending our 4K collaborative program with the Pulaski school district. We are blessed with a qualified and caring staff. Our staff – Kathy Trudell, Christine Vanderveren, Laurel Skar, Meghan Pryes, Erin Dayton, April Factor, Kendra Schussman, Rachel Olson, Tracy Olson, Amanda Mapes, Mindy Mielke, Sabrina Maar, Kiriana Ericson, Kristen Baltus, Chloe Steffel, Ashley Bradley, and Wednesday Devroy. Our cook is Tina Dalton. Our Education Coordinator is Andreya Stalter, our Assistant Director is Jenny Ullmer, and our Director is Julie Frase.


The center is run by a board of directors. The board is made up of parents and church members. Our current board president is Eric Thompson. Our Vice President is Kasey Vanderveren. Our Secretary is Cara Gosse. Our Treasurer is Michelle Wanta. Other members of the board include: Kelly Thompson, Beth Yelk, and Jim Justman. Our Board of Directors meets the second Tuesday of every month. We are always looking for new board members and fresh ideas. If you’re interested in serving on our Board of Directors, please contact Eric Thompson at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Peaceful Beginnings is very blessed to be supported by Peace Lutheran Church. Pastor Stuart provides children’s chapel once a week for our one and two-year-old children and twice a week for children three and older. Nurse Marsha provides trainings throughout the year to help the children learn about germs, their bodies, and how to stay healthy. Pastor Don comes by twice a day to say hi to all the children and teachers. Families in our community are very lucky to be able to have a safe, loving, Christian environment to bring their children to. Through Peaceful Beginnings Christian Childcare Center, Peace Lutheran Church has helped so many children in so many ways.


Julie Frase




Successful organizations, including churches, are founded on a clear and consistent mission, strong leadership, and a solid financial plan.  Over the course of 2017, like previous years, Peace Lutheran Church has “walked the talk” of its mission, continued to strengthen its leadership foundation, and demonstrated a solid financial position.

Our mission, “We are here to share God’s love,” is exemplified daily by the congregation and staff reaching out to the community and other Peace members.  Sunday church attendance in 2017 averaged around 550 people.  In 2011, that figure was about 500; and in 2003, on average, 450 people attended church on Sunday.  We continue to experience slow and steady growth (which is great, according to a certain turtle in one of Aesop’s fables).  Also, though, did you know that hundreds (yes, hundreds) of church and community members watch the TV / Video cast of the Sunday sermons over the course of any particular month?   There are countless hits on Facebook and the Peace website, too.  And in the summer of 2017, over 55 young adults attended the youth mission trip – the most ever – another sign that the Peace mission to Share God’s Love (here and elsewhere) is alive and well!

We also continue to strengthen and fine-tune the leadership focus at Peace.  As the Church Administrator, Jim Justman has added a continual emphasis on planning, always looking ahead and thinking about what’s best for the congregation.  And his perspective, having been a previous synod Bishop, is extremely broad and deep; he’s a wonderful asset to the church.  Plus, his planning focus very nicely compliments the strong operational expertise of Pastor Don and the marketing – positive energy – drive that exudes from Pastor Stuart.  (Yes, those are business terms, and even though the church is not at all run like a business, the fact that the traits of these three leaders work so well together does most definitely contribute to the long-term, ongoing success at Peace).

Our financial statements, in simple terms, look strong year after year after year.  In 2017, for instance, we ended the year with healthy fund balances, even though we spent nearly $100,000 during the year to upgrade our parking lot and take other building maintenance steps.  We continue to be blessed with a successful faith-based financial approach.  Unlike many other churches, we don’t have annual campaigns, fund-raising rallies, or feel the need to directly ask people for money.  And that “low pressure” approach is at the root of our continuous membership growth and the always positive, upbeat feeling across the congregation. 

It’s all good! ~Mark Wernicke